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Do you want to hire an offshore software development team? Pranathi Software Services providing clients across the globe with robust, scalable, and reliable solutions is one of its core strengths.

With our offshore software development services, you will receive the results that you can expect from an IT outsourcing company. Having honest, collaboration and transparent approach is a great place to start!

The setup of an offshore IT Consulting infrastructure or investment in building a partnership directly with a large offshore IT Consulting service provider will not be economically feasible for small to medium sized companies.

As a provider of offshore IT Consulting solutions, Pranathi Software Services helps small and medium sized companies maximize the advantages of offshore IT Consulting solutions while minimizing the risks and investments associated with them.

With Pranathi Software Services IT Consulting Outsourcing, Applications Development, Product Development, Quality Engineering, and Data entry services, we provide a combined model that encourages the use of important offshore IT Consulting components, reducing costs, improving quality, and accelerating delivery.

With Customer Friendly Engagement, you can easily use offshore solutions.

IT Consulting Outsourcing Advantages

  • Rapid improvement of core business focus by outsourcing your IT needs.
  • Rapid Deployment.
  • Cutting down operating costs by outsourcing IT needs.
  • Significant Cost Advantage & reduction IT Consulting Outsourcing.
  • Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise
  • Leverage Highest Quality Standards.
  • Improving your process and better utilization of capital.

At Pranathi Software Services' offshore IT Consulting Outsourcing Operations, we have the latest Outsourcing hardware, Outsourcing software, and Outsourcing networking environment required for completing offshore IT projects. The facility is wired across through high-speed links, with the capabilities of automatic call distribution and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to manage client calls through the call management system. The facility houses specialized IT resources of over 100 in various technologies.

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If you'd love to join a team that boost your career it deserves, Pranathi Software Services is right place.


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