Is Technology an Enemy of Human Employees?

technology vs human employees

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Technology vs Human Employees – In Detailed Discussion

Reading, thinking, remembering things, and analyzing are essential qualities of humans. But nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without Technology. Making tools for use in technology is something that humans have been doing for millions of years.

Technology vs Human Employees:

Machines are not the representative of human. They are just created by human. Machines  do not have any emotions like human have. In reality, humanity and technology often go side by side.

In a day to day life human beings are depending more on technology. Using technology like search engines is affecting our decision-making skills. We are not at all thinking for a second to answer general questions, we just depend on some search engines for general answers too. Innovation of new technology is neither all good nor all bad. According to the research, technology is an enemy of human progress. Technology has created fast communication, medical advances have improved, created shortcuts in working, and aid in relaxation. On a global scale, humans are allowed freely to interact by using technology. These days communication is faster than compared in previous years. We can instantly meet new people and keep in touch with our family and friends.

Technology and Human Employees

We can able to talk with our family members in other countries with the help of technology.  Many face-to-face communications are replaced with virtual interactions. Accepting the human-technology link is essential to the appropriate development and use of future technologies in practically every application area, including energy, health, mobility, work, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. Overuse of technology has resulted in greater isolation, decreased human-to-human interaction, lower social interaction and social skills, and increased human-to-machine connections. In these busy schedules of parents, children are addicted to using technology and by this, they are experiencing mental health issues. Including low creativity, lack of attention, delays in social and emotional development, delays in language development, and other health issues, these are not only for children it also affecting the health of human beings.

Value Added Benefits.

The value of workers has decreased after the invention of machines. Humans should take support from machines for their work. As a result, work surrounds machines and not humans. Machines can be forced to work for us.

We have to face many challenges in the future like food costs increasing, water tables dropping, organized crime and corruption growing, the environment’s ability to support human existence deteriorating, debt and economic insecurity rising, climate change still happening, and the wealth gap is rapidly widening this is mainly due to increasing of technology.

As we know that there are advantages and disadvantages to everything, previous we have discussed how it affects and let’s know about some advantages of using technology.

It helps to increase production and services, saves time, easy and quick communication, and reduces online cybercrime, increased safety and many more. Before the technology period, human depends on farming, cultivation, mining, and many more things for their income source but in this generation, every person is depending on technology no matter with their graduation. According to their need, they are utilizing the technical tools for their sources.  Graduated candidates are mainly focusing on tech companies, they are providing vast opportunities for students. Due to increase in the technology colleges are evaluating  courses.  Vast numbers courses like computer science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, Automobile Engineering, Manufacturing engineering, and many more.

Advancement of Technology

The advancement of technology has improved human welfare. Indeed, throughout the past 70 years, advancements in technology have allowed people to live reasonably happily in society.

Some of the benefits:

  • Quick access to information
  • Simplifying tasks
  • Facilitated learning
  • Breaking the distance barrier
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Providing entertainment
  • Creating new jobs
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

Machine learning is a part of computer science and artificial intelligence that focuses on the use of algorithms and data to replicate the way that humans learn, progressively improving its accuracy. Machine learning is a field keen on building and understanding methods that let machines “learn”.

The most trending technologies are Artificial intelligence and machine learning which creates intelligent systems. They are  interrelated with each other.

With advances in machine learning and natural language processing, artificial intelligence will be more common in 2023. Many believe that while AI may temporarily eliminate jobs from the market, overall job chances will expand as technology advances rather than decrease.


As a conclusion, Technology works best when it connects people. One must be careful when using technology. It may use us as its slaves if we let it. We must choose not to feel less human as a result. We must place more confidence in human qualities than in technology because it is merely a tool. People are requesting the right to disconnect in affluent nations so they may avoid thinking about work. To make employees feel valued, businesses are now incorporating components into the workplace culture. Ensure the forward-thinking action of society to prefer the human.

Published: May 26th, 2023

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