Unearthing Benefits with our AI Solutions

Manufacturers can relieve themselves from putting a lot of effort into production management, quality assurance and identifying the errors in production. We provide AI algorithms especially designed to deploy automation at your manufacturing industry.
Automate our Tasks
AI Customer Assistance

Hasten Your Forecasting Capabilities

Forecasting boosts sales and provides a huge insight into the production management. Based on the market research and product behavior among the customers, AI can predict how the product is going to be sold or required on a need basis to the clients.

Spot Defects within Seconds

Visual Detection in AI carries out the spotting of defects in the initial stage of manufacture. It identifies the missing parts, a missing screw or even suggest a better alternative for the existing design.
  • Works with High Accuracy
  • Detection in Milliseconds
  • Benefits Quality Assurance
  • Eliminates Hours of Manpower Work
  • Fast and Reliable (Needs some modifications after the suggestions)
AI Customer Assistance
AI Customer Assistance

Start Manufacturing Like There is No Tomorrow

Our Deep Learning manages all the challenges faced by a manufacturing industry. It enhances the manufacturing operations, improves the assembling and disassembling, identification of loopholes and better suggestions.
AI In Quality Assurance

Use case of AI in Manufacturing involve
major priority in quality assurance.

Machine Learning when partnered with Machine Vision and Deep Learning can improve quality.

In case of flaws identification, those missing parts which are not able to identify with naked eye is observed and deep learning algorithms with higher accuracy.

Deep Learning Algorithms also helpful in key decision making about a manufactured product. It decides whether the identified loophole is managed or not able to be managed by the manufacturing units.

Transformation Begins at PSS

Avoid Unplanned Downtime by Applying Machine Learning

Use our high-end ML algorithms to prevent the accidental downtime by accessing the predictive analysis data.