Make the most of our AI Logistics Solutions

At PSS, we offer you with wide variety of customizations and on -demand programming with ML and AI.
Gear up My Logistics

We transform tougher jobs into simpler ones.

We assist in delivering your products with jet-speed AI programs

machine learning
machine learning

Enhance your SRM

Your SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) meets perfection with AI based tech delivered by us.
Powerful Automation for Analysis on Pricing, ranking accordingly and Producing Reports for improvising the Throughput.
AI Use Case in Logistics

Boost your Logistics Operations by
switching to AI/ML based Set-ups.

  • Forecasting the demand
  • Planning of Supplies
  • Detection of Damages Before hand
  • Maintenance based on futuristic prediction
  • Automated Internal Vehicles
  • Usage of Delivery Drones
  • Lead Evaluation
  • Automation of Email Marketing
  • Sales Analytics
  • Automation of Document Processing
  • Automating Tasks which are done Manually
  • Interactive Customer Chatbots