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The Pinnacle of Chatbot Technology

C 3 bot

Tailored for Precision

Introducing C 3 bot – a pinnacle in chatbot technology. Designed with precision, our chatbot is not just another AI tool; it’s your digital team member that evolves with your needs.

Integrated with ChatGPT

Seamlessly merge the conversational prowess of ChatGPT with our C 3 bot. Fetch the most relevant and engaging answers, ensuring users enjoy a conversational experience that feels both human and intelligent.

Customizable and Adaptable

Every business is unique, and so should be its chatbot. With C 3 bot, customize your chatbot experience to mirror your brand, ensuring it becomes a natural extension of your digital presence.

Empower Conversations. Capture Every Word.


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Transcription Redefined

TranscripX isn't just a transcription tool; it's a conversation catalyst. Experience real-time audio transcription supercharged with the intelligence of ChatGPT, ensuring no nuance is lost.

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Universal Solution for Dynamic Needs

Whether it’s a business meeting, an interview, or a brainstorming session, TranscripX adapts to all environments, guaranteeing clear, accurate, and quick transcriptions.

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Enable Fruitful Interactions

Dive deeper into your conversations. With TranscripX, not only do you capture every word, but you also gain insights, making every dialogue more productive and meaningful.

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Say It, Save It

With TranscripX, every word spoken gets captured with impeccable accuracy. Never miss out on critical details again.

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For All Audio Landscapes

Whether it's a noisy conference or a quiet podcast recording, TranscripX ensures clarity in transcription, adapting to diverse audio landscapes.

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Boosted by ChatGPT

Not just a transcription service, but an intelligent assistant. Powered by ChatGPT, TranscripX adds context, making your transcriptions more than just words on a page.

The Future of Hiring is Here

Introducing Talent Scan

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Streamlined Recruitment

Say goodbye to tedious manual recruitment processes. Talent Scan reshapes the hiring landscape by bringing unmatched efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - finding the right talent.

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End-to-End Management

From aligning resumes to specific job roles to initial candidate screenings, Talent Scan handles it all. Experience a unified platform where every recruitment task finds its innovative solution.

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Unparalleled Innovation in Hiring

Talent Scan isn’t just a tool, it’s the future. Harness the power of AI to drive transformative changes in your recruitment process, ensuring you stay ahead in the talent acquisition game.

Revolutionizing Business Networking
Scan Card
Welcome to the future of business card management! Scan Card is an innovative mobile application designed to digitize your networking. Say goodbye to piles of business cards and hello to a streamlined, digital contact system.
Identity Simplified
Government ID Parser
Revolutionizing government ID card information retrieval, our user-friendly interface ensures swift navigation and customization. Precision-driven algorithms guarantee accurate data extraction, minimizing errors. Seamlessly integrate our solution for efficient information organization. Empower your processes with innovation today Read More
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Government ID Parsing
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Knowledge Extracted
Train LLM on pdf data
Revolutionize document accessibility with our PDF to LLM Converter. Transform static PDFs into dynamic, interactive experiences. Enjoy precision extraction, language customization, and seamless collaboration. Elevate your digital content with a tool designed for intuitive user experiences. Unlock the full potential of your documents and join the future of dynamic information Read More
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Feelings Decoded
Emotion detection with audio
Unleash the power of emotions with our cutting-edge Real-Time Speech Emotion Detection (SED) technology. Transform your video engagement with a user-friendly interface, customizable subtitles, and seamless sharing. Experience a new era of emotionally connected content. Join us in revolutionizing your video journey—where technology meets heartfelt connection Read More
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Global Communication
Subtitle generator ( with different languages )
Experience a cinematic revolution with our Universal Subtitle Generator Toolkit (USGT). Break language barriers seamlessly, enjoy a user-friendly platform for video selection and subtitle customization, ensuring a flawless viewing experience. Effortlessly share videos globally with downloadable or embedded subtitles. Transform the way you watch, connect, and share with USGT Read More
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Insights Condensed
Summary generator
Effortlessly navigate the digital sea of content with automated video summarization. Tailor your viewing with personalized summaries, fostering engagement and seamless sharing. Elevate discoverability and accessibility in the world of videos. Experience a new era in streamlined, enriched content consumption Read More
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Invoice Insights
Logistics Invoice parser
Empower your logistics operations with our cutting-edge Invoice Parsing AI Tool. Revolutionize invoice processing, ensuring precision and efficiency. Seamlessly integrate into existing systems, enjoy a user-friendly platform, and elevate your supply chain with automated parsing. Transform logistics effortlessly – streamline, customize, and perfect your financial records with advanced AI algorithms Read More
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Productivity Measured
Work efficiency tracker
Revolutionize your workplace with our Work Efficiency Tracker AI Tool. Harness the power of data-driven insights to streamline monitoring, optimize performance, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Empower your business with real-time analytics, making informed decisions for enhanced workflow efficiency. Experience the future of productivity management today Read More
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Direction Identified
Vehicle turn direction detection
Experience seamless traffic management through intelligent solutions, a user-friendly interface for real-time monitoring, and precise vehicle tracking technology. Enhance efficiency by seamlessly integrating our system into existing traffic management frameworks. Transform your city's traffic landscape with us Read More
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