Pranathi Software Services
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Let our team take care of everything from custom software
design & development to IT support requirements.

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What We Offer

We are committed to delivering you the advance solution support and
Application Development that focuses on creating new business values.

IT Support Services

Streamlined solutions with quick delivery time and great customer care.

Development & Integration

Revolutionized IT Strategy for maximized benefits.

Application Development

Develops smart, secure and agile applications.

Professional Services

Results-driven approach and IT & Services collaborative.

We Are A Trusted IT Partner
with 20 years of Experience

Our skilled recruiters will

  • Create job postings
  • Manage requisitions
  • Identify talent Pre-screen candidates
  • Manage selection process
  • Hire Associates
  • Conduct pre-employment screening
  • On-board Associates
  • Track results
  • Generate reports
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